Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My New Blog Unveiled

In an era where marketing has become the sole responsibility of the budding author, the time is never too soon to begin building a platform.
            So…here I am, answering that call.
            There are multiple reasons I’ve resisted joining the wide world of blogging, the foremost being my preference to hide behind the fa├žade of fiction writing. The irony in this situation is that you'll find more of the true me splashed across the pages of my young adult novels than I care to admit.
            Considering all the soul baring I’ve done in my stories, blogging should be easy—right?
            Yeah, right.
            My biggest problem is that I tend to over think tasks which involve writing. One of the first steps to hit the ground running with your blog is figuring out what you want to write about. Answering this simple question bogged me down for the better part of a year. No blog. No platform building. No moving this crazy dream forward.   
            Why not just blog about writing, you ask? Seems simple enough.
            Because there are already too many writers blogging about writing. Only writers really care about writing and, believe me, the audience is small. Especially when you consider the time restraints placed on most authors. The more minutes sucked up by social media, the less time spent writing. It’s a simple equation.
            I wanted to provide content that’s fresh and will appeal to everyone.
            After attending a workshop on blogging presented by Ali Cross, I finally figured out a theme. Ali made blogging personal when she explained branding. She took me to a dark place in my life, my biggest fear, the reason why I write books, run marathons, do all the crazy stuff I do. My fear of being ordinary. If I run far enough, fast enough, or if I complete NaNoWriMo one more time, I can keep the ordinariness away for another day or two.
            Here we are…at the birth of my blog. My wish is to take the ordinary happenings in life and turn them into the extraordinary, here for your reading pleasure.
            Let’s see how I do.